Security by PM

The TCMJobView application was designed by Project Managers for Project Managers.  Built into the system is robust security by PM to only allow the user to see the jobs that have been assigned to them.  You can identify a user name specific to a PM identified on the job inside of TCM or you can allow the user to see jobs of one or more project managers.

Administrators are the only ones able to create or edit users.  They do so by selecting the manage users icon on the menu bar.


Exporting to Excel

Any of the grid views can be exported to Microsoft Excel by selecting the menu item from the menu bar.  Once selected, TCMJobView will send the grid view exactly as it appears over to Excel.  This includes any totals, filters, sorts and colors that are identified within the grid.

When using totals and subtotals, Excel will retain those functions so that you easily perform the same tasks from within Excel.


Field Chooser

The Field Chooser feature allows each user to pick the columns they need on each grid view.  You can easily check and uncheck the specific fields and instantly see them come on or off the grid view.  

You can also save your grid view layout by selecting "save layout" from the menu bar.


Filters and Sorts

You have unlimited options when you apply filters and sorts to your grid view.  Sort your jobs from the highest contract amount to the lowest or only see jobs for a specific customer.  These and many more options are available to you including:

  • Filter by Dollar Amount
  • Only see costs codes where cost to date exceeds the estimate
  • Hours left are less than a certain amount

When using filters, you can apply the filter to a specifc column or you can compare one or more columns to another.  You select common filter options such as:

  • < less than
  • > greater than
  • = equals
  • starts with
  • contains




The grouping function allows you to group the displayed data by one or more available columns.  Group the information by Project Manager, Job Category, Customer, Cost Period, Employee or any other information available on any of the grid views.

The grouping feature is available on all of the grid views and at any of the grid levels and is easily selected by moving the column heading to the grouping section of the grid.  To remove the group, just select the column heading and move it below the grouping section of the grid.

Groups can also be saved as part of your layout so it is always available.


Pin Columns

This feature of TCMJobView allows you to “lock” specific columns in place in order to easily see all of the information on your view.  When you scroll from side to side your “pinned” columns stay in place as your other columns move.  The pin icon is available on all of the columns and on all of the grids.


Subtotals & Functions

Any of the columns on the grid views can have one or more totals that will display at the bottom.  As you scroll up and down the grid the totals will remain in place at the bottom of the grid in light yellow.

Some of the subtotals and functions you can use include:

  • Average
  • Sum
  • Count
  • Maximum
  • Minimum

You can select one or more of these functions on each column.  Like other changes, the functions can then be saved as part of your grid layout and available every time you are in that view.  If you create a filter or apply a grouping the subtotals change automatically.




Printing Grids

Any of the grids can easily be printed by selecting the print grid icon from the menu bar.  When printing the grid views you are presented with the data exactly as it appears on your screen.

This includes:

  • Filters
  • Total and Subtotals
  • Sorts
  • Layout changes

Once the print grid control has been selected you can change the orientation and margins as well as scroll and zoom onto the printed grid.  Standard print functions are then available.



Saving Layouts

Each grid view can be modified by the user and then saved by selecting the "save layout" button from the menu bar.  Some of the settings saved as part of your layout include:

  • Fields
  • Subtotals
  • Arranging columns
  • Filters
  • Sorts

If you want to revert back to the original grid view layout, select default layout from the menu bar.